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Public event: Experiments outside the laboratory: Who should decide?

Panel discussion, Science and Technology Studies, UCL

University College London, 1 July 2019
Who decides what is ethical or unethical when experiments leave the lab? The panelists will explore this issue through two particular case studies: gene drive organisms and smart cities. The speakers include: Zahra Moloo (Independent researcher / film director), Brice Laurent (Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation, ParisTech), Lim Li Ching (Third World Network), TBC (Forest Peoples Programme), Jack Stilgoe (UCL) Read More

Public event: Science communication as culture

Public Lecture by Maja Horst, University of Copenhagen

Mines ParisTech, 17th June 2019
Maja Horst will give a public lecture on her latest work on scientific innovation and responsibility. Maja Horst is a professor in communication sciences, and is head of the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. Her presentation will be followed by a discussion with Morgan Meyer, Stefan Kuhlmann and Jack Stilgoe. Read More

Public Event: Co-creating Disruption?

Public Panel Discussion at DTU in Lyngby

Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, 22nd May 2019
“Disruption” has become a rallying cry for innovators that cherishes the profound societal impacts of emerging technologies – from robotics and self-driving cars, to AI, biotechnology, and new energy systems. Likewise, it has become a hot topic in the public sector as a strategy that can help optimize our services through new policy and rethinking policy processes. Yet, disruption has both positive and negative connotations. Many recent controversies in Europe and elsewhere can be understood as a call for less disruption and greater empowerment of society to steer exactly where and how we want to be disrupted. Read More