SCALINGS is an interdisciplinary European research consortium that explores the avenues and limits for the wider use of co-creation and open innovation practices across Europe.

Funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 Science with and for Society programme, SCALINGS aims to investigate and reflexively shape the implementation of co-creation practices in three technology domains (Robotics, Urban Energy, Autonomous Driving).

Co-creation— the practice of bringing together diverse actors in a joint innovation activity to mutual benefits — has emerged as a widely desired key resource in current attempts to enhance innovation processes and outcomes. Co-creation answers to recent calls for greater responsiveness and responsibility in innovation practice, and broader trends to organize innovation more openly, democratically, and with a view towards concrete local needs and contexts.

SCALINGS aims to strengthen opportunities for best practice transfer and a socially robust upscaling of co-creation, while improving our understanding of how co-creation practices relate to the social, cultural, economic, and institutional environments in which they are implemented.

Why Co-creation?

  • better align societal or customer needs with R&D activities

  • tap into diverse forms of creativity and expertise

  • foster inter- and transdisciplinarity

  • create more democratic, socially robust and acceptable solutions

  • shorten development times through rapid feedback

SCALINGS in Action

SCALINGS will analyse several case studiesa across 10 countries and investigate the uptake, implementation and outcomes of three co-creation instruments within three technological domains.

Co-creation Instruments

Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI)

Co-creation Facilities (CCF)

Living Labs (LL)

Technological Domains


Urban Energy

Autonomous Driving

Case Studies in 10 Countries

Case Studies
Research areas

Context Matters for Innovation

SCALINGS follows a comparative research design that looks at social, cultural and institutional differences between co-creation regions and studies how context influences cross-country adoption.

The SCALINGS Consortium

SCALINGS is an interdisciplinary project that brings together social scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and industry partners from all over Europe. Coordinated by TU Munich, the SCALINGS  consortium consists of members from ten institutions, including four EuroTech universities.

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